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Why Onetigris Smokey Hut Tent is Worth Buying?

Aug 5, 2022
If you want backpacking adventure and light equipment, onetigris smokey hut tent (ultra light tent with stone jack) is the perfect choice.

Quick View:

  • Livability
  • Weatherability
  • durability
  • Easy to build
When testing products, a series of indicators are used to compare their performance in different categories. A tent may be very easy to set up, but it is only suitable for one kind of travel.

1. Livability

Onetigris smokey hut tent is quite good in this category. In terms of size and weight, this tent does a good job in keeping you comfortable. But don't forget that this is a tent designed for light backpacking.


Given its ultra light type, we were impressed by the weather resistance of this tent. Silicone coated nylon outer layer can protect you from the winter weather. Although the joints are also subject to special waterproof treatment.

How about the shape of the pyramid?

Pyramidal or conical tents are one of the best designs for weather resistance. The conical shape prevents snow or rain on the side - on the contrary, it will fall and be at the bottom. This means that the walls of your tent will not be subjected to additional pressure. It is also an excellent wind resistant shape, because there is no high and flat side to push the wind. But this tent has a disadvantage that it has no floor mat.

3. Durability

The fabric of onetigris smokey hut tent is nylon. As we all know, nylon fabric is very lightweight. But it is also very durable. Therefore, you can use it in any season.

4. Easy to build

This tent is very easy to set up. The single center bar and low height mean it's easy to set up. In fact, we found that with some practice, we can set up this tent in less than five minutes. Only one person.


As far as smokey hut is concerned, this is the kind of tent I have always wanted to have in our storage room. It is also suitable for short weekend backpacking, just like long-distance hunting in the snow mountains. We won't choose to use this tent for only one trip. More than 3 people were in the same tent, which was a long trip. It's not big enough.

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