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T-Brick Tent Wood Stove For Hot Tenting

T-Brick Tent Wood Stove For Hot TentingItem NO.: HT59

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T-Brick Tent Wood Stove For Hot Tenting
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  • FRONT DOOR AIR INTAKE - T-BRICK stove has a door with a slidable air intake and an octagonal glass, so that you can fine-tune the burn rate.The area of the air intake was increased by 15%, which allows the stove to heat up the tent in a very short time in the cold winter.
  • NEW TOP COVER LOCK CATCH - The lock catch on the T-BRICK Stove was designed so that side shelves can be used with it.When used with the side shelves, it can also enhance the stability of the stove.
  • NEW STOVE DOOR / TAIL PLATE - The door of the T-BRICK stove was widened and heightened so that large pieces of wood to enter the stove easily.The edge of the door was 90-degree folded and 360-degree folded processing. The 90-degree edge can strengthen the structure of the door frame, and the 360-degree folding can keep the door frame flat with the bottom of the stove.We can use the ashes rake to remove the ashes after burning.
  • NEW STOVE TOP COVER - The three-dimensional hollowed-out reinforced plate minimizes the deformation of the top cover.Reduce the direct contact between the flame and the top central area to avoid local high temperature and local low temperature, resulting in uneven heating of the top cover.After testing, the reinforcing plate can not only strengthen the top cover, but also maximize the heating range of the top cover.
    • Product Name: T-Brick Tent Wood Stove For Hot Tenting
    • Item NO.: HT59
    • Weight: 3 kg = 6.6139 lb = 105.8219 oz
    • Category: Camping Stoves
    • Creation Time: 2021-06-15
    Carrying Weight(Without chimney):6.6 lb(3 kg)
    Folding Dimension:15.4*7.9*3.2 in (39*20*8 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension:15.4*7.9*7.1 in (39*20*18 cm)
    Assembly Dimension:15.4*7.9*11.2 in (39*20*28.5 cm)
    Side Glass Size:11.4*3.9 in (29*10 cm)
    Pipe Length (Storage):9.5 in(24 cm)
    Pipe Length:6.56 ft(2 m)or 9.84 ft(3 m)
    Pipe Diameter:2.36 in(6 cm)
    Spark Arrestor:Yes
    Material:1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Part:0.6mm Titanium or Stainless Steel 304