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T-BRICK Tent Stove - The Best Wood Stove in 2021

Jun 16, 2021
Are you planning a hiking tour in cold weather? That is amazing. But what are you doing to keep you warm? Definitely, you cannot rely on blankets or sleeping bags in such cold conditions. Besides, blankets are not feasible to carry in your backpack.

You need a wood burning tent stove to keep your tent warm. Then you must be thinking of the best wood stove that is easier to carry and efficient enough to keep your hot tent warm the entire night. Don’t you? The good news is that we know one such excellent tent stove.

T-Brick Tent Stove

T-Brick Tent Stove - The Solution

You should try a Pomoly T-Brick Tent Stove as it is detachable and ultra-lightweight, making it easier to carry. It has maximum combustion efficiency. It burns all the woods in the stove, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the tent due to incomplete burning.

Apart from that, its titanium material and closed body structure make it suitable to burn in the wilderness and heavy rain. If your tent is destroyed by storm, heavy rain or wind, you can rely on the T-Brick Tent stove to keep you warm in such scenarios.

T-Brick Tent Stove—Features

Are you curious about the features of the T-Brick tent stove? If yes, then we will tell you six incredible features of this T-Brick stove that makes it superior to other tent stoves in the market. Let us see the remarkable features of the T-Brick tent stove now!

1.Detachable Baffles to Boost Burning Efficiency

Do you know what feature makes the T-Brick tent stove more burning efficient than other stoves? Its detachable baffles. A well-designed baffle plate is always helpful to get maximum heat from every piece of wood burning inside the stove. In the T-brick series, air enters the stove through the side intake panel, allowing the smoke to re-burn after striking the above baffle plate. Consequently, the burning efficiency of stoves increases in T-Brick stoves.

In this way, our T-brick stove produces maximum heat using the minimum woods. Further, the complete burning of woods reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning inside the camp. In short, you get ultimate security and maximum heat at the same time using the T-Brick tent stoves.

Detachable Baffles to Boost Burning Efficiency

2.Front Door Air Intake to Control Combustion

If you think that only fuel quantity concerns the heat output in stoves, you are probably wrong. Air plays a crucial role in burning woods and controlling the burn rate in stoves. The effective combination of fuel and the air supplied helps you burn wood efficiently and keep your tent hot all night.

T-Brick tent stove provides you an easy front door sliding mechanism to initiate the burning process and control the burn rate effectively. This T-brick series has 15% more area for the air intake at the front that helps you start burning woods in a minimal time. Furthermore, its door has a slide bar that enables you to control the burn rate by sliding glass. You can easily slide the glass to increase or decrease the air induction in stoves and control the burn rate.

Front Door Air Intake to Control Combustion

3.Side Panels Offer Tent Lighting and Burning Observation

Do you know the first rule of control systems? It states that ‘You cannot control anything until you observe it.’ To control the burn rate, you have to check the burning inside the stove. After that, you can increase or decrease air induction via a sliding glass door to control the burn rate. The best part about the T-bricks tent stove is that it has side panels made of fireproof glass that assist you observe the burning inside the stove easily.

That is not all the benefits of side panels in a tent stove. It also fulfills the lighting requirements inside the tent. The light produced in the burning process can easily pass through the glass and keep your tent lighted while producing heat at the same time.

Side Panels Offer Tent Lighting and Burning Observation

4.Detachment and Titanium Makes it Easy to Carry

What makes wood stoves easier to carry? Of course, it's lightweight and has less space. Then, you might be wondering how the T-brick tent stove helps you in the carrier process. Don’t you ask yourself the same question? Let us give you the answer to this question.

Firstly, our wood stoves are manufactured from Titanium. Do you know an interesting fact about Titanium? It is 45% lighter than stainless steel (used in typical stoves available in the market) and provides the highest weight carrying ratio. Therefore, T-Brick stoves are ultra-lightweight.

Secondly, you can disassemble all its parts to store in your bag easily. Therefore, T-Brick Stoves are easier to carry than other stoves. You can also check the size chart of each stove part here.

Detachment and Titanium Makes it Easy to Carry

5.Reinforced Top and Bottom Cover to Reduce Deformation

The T-Brick stove has a hollowed-out reinforced plate to minimize the deformation of top plates. The reason is that a hollowed vessel reduces the contact between the flame and the top central area. Hence, it efficiently avoids local high and local low temperature that causes uneven heating of top cover and deformation. Reinforced plates also improve the heating range of the top surface.

Likewise, it has a double-row three-dimensional reinforced plate at the bottom to minimize the deformation at the bottom. This reinforced plate increases the heat dissipation effect of the stove, making it super-protective against the deformation after burning.

Reinforced Top and Bottom Cover to Reduce Deformation

6.Folding Legs for Uneven Ground

Mostly, you don’t get EVEN ground for camping. Therefore, it becomes difficult for you to settle the stove there. However, the T-Brick stove takes care of all the hiker’s problems in camping and provides titanium legs having a strong bearing structure. The stove remains high in the middle of stove legs that makes it adjustable on uneven grounds.

Folding Legs for Uneven Ground

What Would You Get in the Complete T-Brick Stove Package?

Once you buy a T-Brick tent stove from Pomoly, you wouldn’t only receive a stove. Instead, you will also get all the accessories for tent stoves such as a titanium chimney, spark arrestor with three rings, smoke damper, cut-resistant gloves, detachable baffles, and tools like a wrench and titanium screw packed in a YKK-Zipper stove bag. Go Buy A T-Brick Tent Stove Now!

Bottom Line

T-Brick tent stoves are best for you in every perspective if you are looking for the best wood stove in 2021 for hot tenting in cold areas, wilderness, and rainy areas. You can go above and check the remarkable features of THE-Brick tent stoves now!
Don’t forget to buy this amazing T-Brick wood Stove from Pomoly!

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