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FireHiking (3)

FireHiking designed and produced a solo lightweight hot tent. They are also designing some new hot tent related gears for hiking adventures. People can easily carry their equipments to a long trip.



  1. Unique Stove Jack Design - Made of fiberglass cloth with flame retardant coating. The stove jack adopts a detachable design, which is beneficial for users to replace the old stove jack. In addition, the separate design of stove jack cover and the additional rainproof flap are also the design highlights.
  2. Half Inner Mesh - FireHiking hot tent comes with a half inner mesh. The mesh net can protect campers from mosquito bites when camping. Besides, the net can increase the privacy and security of camping sleep.
  3. Elastic POM Support Vent - The top vent is supported by POM rod, which can fully expand the vent, so as to prevent the collapse of the vent. The vent design can increase the air exchange, then the tent interior can get fresh air.
  4. Fine Production Details - The single door design adds warmth and comfort to the tent. A knot at the top allows campers to build tents with ropes. The adjustable ground buckle at the bottom makes it ajustable for setting up the tent.
  5. Lightweight Hot Tent - The weight of the whole tent is 5.18lb, with half tent and ground pegs and other accessories. You can easily put it in your backpack. If you match it with a single titanium firewood stove, you will enjoy your camping experience in a hot tent.

Unique Stove Jack Design

  1. FireHiking hot tent adopts coating glass fiber cloth as stove jack, which has excellent high temperature resistance and flame retardant function. This material ensure the durability of the tent stove jack and prolong the service life of it.
  2. The tent adopts the separate design of stove jack and cover cloth, which can better protect the tent cover and prevent damage to the tent.
  3. The stove jack of FireHiking hot tent is detachable. This makes the stove jack cloth can be replaced. If you damage it by mistake or using it for a long time, you can directly replace the stove jack and continue to use the hot tent instead of buying a new tent. This design effectively improves the service life of the tent. In other words, it's environmentally friendly.
  4. The rainproof flap at the chimney stove jack can prevent dust or rain from falling from the stove pipe hole. This detail design can make campers feel safe and comfortable when they burn the stove inside the tent.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 5.18lb
Suitable Number: 1 person. It can accommodate two people under special circumstances, but the space is much crowded.
Height: 63.38inch
Width: 137.8inch
Material: 190T PU cloth
Stove Jack Diameter: 3.14inch


  • The stove flue jack is fireproof and flame retardant. However, due to the carbonization reaction of the cloth at high temperature, if you find that the cloth at the stove jack turns black during use, please don't worry. The carbonization reaction is a slight loss of the stove jack and this does not affect the use of the product.
  • Please don't use it in extreme weather, such as strong wind or heavy rain. As the product has not been tested in bad weather, please use it carefully.

FireHiking Hot tent detailed pictures

fire hiking solo hot tenthot tent camping with burning stovewood stove with fire hiking hot tent

firehiking hot tent stove jack

firehiking hot tent details design

firehiking hot tent camping with wood stove

more information about firehiking stove tent

cooking camping inside the firehiking hot tent

This is a great hot tent on the market, especially the unique stove jack design. It's suitable for new hot tent campers. If you like it, please don' miss it!