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Best Ultralight Hot Tent with a Removable Cap and Stove Jack

Jun 8, 2021
Once again, you're off to a great hike to rejuvenate your soul, only to find out that you have to carry a bulky and unmanageable tent with you. To even spice that up, you have to cook in open skies in the cold?!

This has been a point of concern for many alpha Dads out there who would not spare a chance to make sure their family and friends enjoy most of the outdoor camping trip. There's this thing called HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent which may seem like any other similar lightweight tent but comes with a wood stove jack which makes it one of the finest portable wood stoves of our brand.

Upon the innovation of Ultralight Hot Tent in the mid-2020s, it spiked the interests of many outdoorsmen. Any person in the family can comfortably back carry it to the desired destination where it can be quickly set up with the help of a provided user manual. After the Nylon fabric is properly set up, you’re assured a shelter not only from rain but from the strong canyon winds, cold and hot weather alike. 

The prominence which sets it apart from others is, you can even cook inside without worrying about your personal space or piling things on each other. The ultralight hot tent offers a distinctive removable top cap, so you don’t end up suffocating inside while ensuring you have abundant ventilation as well. 

Being the pioneer of portable wood stoves, we aim to facilitate enthusiastic wanderers with more user-friendly and budgeted titanium stoves and tents. We believe you have a great outdoor vacation without an extra cost.

HUSSAR Ultralight Hot Tent


  • The top-notch quality of Nylon fabric promises not another water droplet while journaling inside the tent.
  • Offers extensiveness of 110" for you to sleep freely while also having enough space for a stove and your basic equipment. It can also house another person if the stove is moved out.
  • The tent is cozy and warm even when it's cold outside. Our customer reviewed that sometimes they don't feel like using a blanket when uncomfortable in other tents.
  • The top of the tent is specially designed with a removable top cap so the air inside is always sweet and ventilation is sufficient.
  • Sometimes the weather may not cooperate, but this won't be an issue since you can cook inside the tent just like you would outside!
  • There are two doors to the tent so you can get in and out easily
  • As a value-added service, the HUSSAR tent comes with two stove jacks for FREE!
  • A comparatively better product at a budgeted price.


  1. It has limited space for one person and a stove. So this may not always be a preferable recommendation for couples. You can try checking out bigger ones on our site.
  2. Scrubbing the outside with a brush or similar hard object may affect its waterproof performance. Always go for a soft brush to clean the dirt.
  3. The ultralight hot tent may be easily set up for many people, but it does require a trial to be conducted at home first. This will help you to understand the usage of its components.

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