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Best Tent Stove Pipes in 2021 - Wood Stove Chimneys Recommendation

Aug 30, 2021
Tent stove pipes are always crucial as they reduce fume inside the tent and protect you from poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. These stovepipes are particularly important if you are camping in a cold climate. The reason is that you don’t need a stove to heat a tent in summer. Further, you prefer to cook outside the tent in the warm conditions. 

If you are camping in cold weather or wilderness with heavy rains, you have to cook inside a tent. Furthermore, you also need a camping wood stove to heat the tent during nights in the winter. Here, you can use a tent stove pipe for wood stove chimney to exit the fume outside.

This article will guide you to everything about the stovepipes and help you choose the best tent stove pipe for your wood stove chimney. Furthermore, we will also recommend you the best tent stove pipes in 2021. 
Let us go straight to the topic!

What is a Tent Stove Pipe?

Tent stove pipe is basically an exit designed to vent the flue pipe of the camping tent stove through the rooftop or sidewall of the tent. These pipes are beneficial for safety purposes in hot tent camping as they keep poisonous gases and fumes outside the tent. In short, they provide a ventilation system in your camping tent.
These pipes come in different weights, types, and materials. You should know the role of all these factors to choose a better stovepipe for you. If you don’t know the role of these factors already, it is not a big issue. Because we will provide you all the necessary information in this article to get the perfect tent stove pipe for camping.

1.Classification of Tent Stove Pipe

Tent stove pipes are classified into various categories depending on the factors like material used and safety. You should wisely select the stovepipe for your wood stove chimney considering the above factors. Otherwise, the pipe wouldn’t provide the desired results, and create problems for you. Here, we will discuss three classifications of tent stove pipes!

2.Splicing Tent Stove Pipe

Splicing a tent stove is the first category of tent stove pipes. These pipes are usually manufactured from stainless steel, which makes it solid, durable and corrosion resistant. These are perfect for camping in areas with heavy rain due to their higher resistance against corrosion. However, these pipes are heavier and difficult to carry.

3.Rolled Tent Stove Pipe

Rolled pipes are always incredible for backpacking as they become much smaller after rolling. These pipes are manufactured from titanium mostly, due to which these are incredibly lightweight and have additional durability. These stove pipes are suitable for any weather condition. Further, it is also beneficial for use in wilderness and rainy areas as titanium is resistant to rust.

4.Nesting Tent Stove Pipe

Nesting stove pipes combine two or more pipes to exit the gases. The reason for using more pipes as it becomes easy to store in bags separately. These nested pipes are manufactured from stainless steel. However, we don’t recommend using these pipes in camping due to several design and safety problems.

Tent Stove Pipes—Material Comparison

Storage is one of the biggest problems in camping. You design a tour for many days, and try to maximize the space in your backpack to adjust maximum useful things. Simultaneously, you want to reduce weight as much as possible to make your journey easier. 

In order to give you an idea, we will compare tent stovepipes of different materials in terms of weight, storage space, and use methods in this section.

1.Titanium Pipe vs. Stainless Steel Pipe—Weight Comparison

Stainless steel and titanium are common materials for manufacturing stovepipes. However, you should know which one is lighter and stronger while purchasing one for camping. Titanium is lighter than stainless steel. It is approximately 45% lighter than steel. You know the best part is that titanium is as strong as steel with such less weight. In fact, titanium has the highest weight-to-ratio among all the metals.

2.Titanium Pipe vs. Stainless Steel Pipe—Storage Capacity

When you compare the storage capacity of titanium pipes with steel pipes, you will see that titanium beats steel in this aspect too. Titanium is very flexible, and therefore, the manufacturer usually uses this for making rolled pipes to save space. In Comparison, stainless steel pipes come in splice or nested form and cover more area.

Stainless Steel and Titanium Stove Pipes - Advantages and Disadvantages

Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel pipes and titanium stove pipes to make your decision further easier.

Stainless steel pipes are more stable and solid as compared to titanium pipes. Moreover, these pipes are long-lasting. The downside of these steel pipes is that they have several safety issues as there is a risk of smoke leakage in joints. Furthermore, they are heavy and take up more space.

In Comparison, titanium pipes are very lightweight, thermally insulated, and cover very small areas. The disadvantages of titanium pipes are that they are thin and prone to wrinkles. 

Comparing all the factors, we can confidently say that titanium pipes are the best choice for camping.

Recommended Tent Stove Pipes

In this section, we will recommend you the best tent stove pipes for camping in 2021. We have tested these pipes ourselves, and we make sure that you will also like these pipes.

1.Pomology Titanium Stove Pipe for Camping 

Pomoly stovepipe is the best option for camping, as it is ultra-lightweight, efficient, durable, and easy to store. It comes in a rolled model having 9.5-inch width and 2.4-inch diameter, making itself super easy to store in a bag pack. Furthermore, it weighs only 0.5 lb. weight that makes it closer to campers’ hearts. Apart from that, it is manufactured using titanium, which makes it more durable and rust-free.

2.Hot Tent Stainless Steel Chimney

This stainless steel pipe is another good option for a wood stove chimneys. It comes with a large diameter that helps in better splicing with other pipes.
Moreover, it has a higher stain-resistant ability that makes it a fantastic choice for camping in wilderness.

Final Words

Tent stove pipes are conducive to keep the fume out of the tent with a wood stove. However, you need vast knowledge about pipe material, weight, size, durability, efficiency, and many other factors before making a purchase. You can go above and check all the necessary information about these factors now!

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