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Advice On How to Buy A Hot Tent in 2022

Jun 12, 2022

This is our personal experience in deciding what kind of hot tent to buy. What is hot tent camping? Hot tent camping is to use a wood burning stove to heat the tent. It is like a portable cabin with a mini stove and chimney, which can be packed and carried with you. The thermal tent can be made of canvas or fire-resistant nylon or polyester.

Nylon tents

I first looked for a cheap way to go camping in a hot tent. I checked with some Chinese dealers, and most of their cheap hot tents are made of nylon or polyester. I studied the safety of nylon around sparks. Although ordinary nylon tents are easy to burn, this special nylon is obviously treated with flame retardant materials. One way to avoid any burn holes caused by sparks is to use a spark arrester and place the furnace exhaust high enough above the tent or on the side of the tent, depending on its setting.

The advantage of nylon tent lies in its storage capacity. If you are a backpacker and want to go camping in a hot tent, nylon tent may be your best choice. Nylon tents are very light. Another advantage is that they are more affordable than canvas tents.
One of the disadvantages of nylon or polyethylene tents is that the material is airtight. Condensate will accumulate on the walls of the tent. Many of these tents are equipped with ventilation systems to help alleviate this problem. By operating the furnace, the heat it generates can also help reduce condensation.

Canvas tents may be heavier than nylon, but natural fibers allow air to pass through them, reducing condensation problems. Since we will use our tent in winter and not only for sleeping, it is my top priority to use breathable fabrics in the tent.

canvas tent

I started using canvas tents as an option. Except for a few kinds of canvas such as esker tent, most canvas choices in Canada are very large and heavy. Exploration, field work, or other semi-permanent operations seem to have done a lot of work. These large steel frame tents are very suitable for this kind of application, but according to my needs, they will be too large and bulky.

They are also familiar with the construction of these tents and have done a lot of tent camping. They use an A-frame configuration with guide ropes on both sides. The setting using clips and tensioners looks practical and fairly fast, rather than having to tie everything completely by hand, which becomes more difficult in cold weather.

Considering our camping needs

When backpacking or carrying many times, we certainly use lightweight nylon tents. We want a hot tent for car camping, winter hiking with sleds, or cold camping and fishing in the shoulder season, with a minimum of carrying. Our idea is to use the tent less as a sleeping area and more as a sleeping and living/cooking space. Therefore, 10 × 10 seems to be a practical compromise between size and mobility.

We want a space where we can put a crib in an area of the tent, and then we can store some items under the crib. We also consider using the space around the fire as our living and cooking space. We need some space to store the wood for easy access. Of course, we will keep some items outside the tent, such as food, but we can also choose to bring these items into the tent for cooking.

Consider cost

When we decided to use nylon instead of canvas as a hot tent, the biggest change in these two options was the change in price. Compared with a canvas tent, how much is a nylon hot tent? You can buy a nylon hot tent for less than $200. Most canvas hot tents start at less than $1000. This starting price is usually a single or one-person size canvas tent.

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