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​Why Choose Pomoly Chalet Tent for Hot Tent Camping?

Jan 26, 2022

Outdoor camping is one of the favorite activities of young people in recent years. Due to the increasing pressure on people's lives in the city, outdoor camping has become the choice of many people. Whether it's car camping or hiking camping, tents are indispensable equipment for campers. But when you buy Tents, do you have questions. Please allow me to introduce Pomoly Chalet Tent to you. I think it must suit you.

Quick View:

  1. Unique Cabin Design
  2. 70D Tear Resistant Fabric
  3. Solo Tent
  4. Stove Jack Cloth
  5. Double Door Design
  6. Mesh Door Design
  7. Water Resistance

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Each tent is designed according to people's needs. Pomoly Chalet Tent is one of the best-selling products of the Pomoly team. This tent has many advantages. This is a solo tent. I think Pomoly Chalet Tent is worth buying for people interested in hiking camping.

1. Unique Cabin Design

Pomoly Chalet Tent adopts the design of the cabin. Pomoly Chalet Tent likes a home in the forest. Living in the tent, you can feel the magic of nature more.

2. 70D Tear Resistant Fabric

The fabric of the Pomoly Chalet Tent is made of 70D checked polyester. Therefore, the tent is not only tear-resistant but also durable.

3. Solo Tent

This is a solo tent. It is more suitable for hikers and campers to buy it. Because the weight of the Pomoly Chalet Tent will not increase people's burden on the road.

4. Stove Jack Cloth

This is a tent with a stove jack. You can use the stove in the tent. DIY stove jack cloth can reduce the risk of the tent being lit.

5. Double door design

Pomoly Chalet Tent adopts a double door design. People can get in and out of the tent more freely. In addition, in hot summer, the double door design can keep the tent ventilated.

6. Mesh Door Design

Especially in summer, mosquito bites are trouble for most people. The mesh door of Chalet Tent adopts small holes. These holes can prevent most mosquitoes from entering the tent.

7. Water Resistance

The waterproof grade of Pomoly Chalet Tent's fabric is 2500mm. Even if it rains a little, you don't have to worry about getting wet.

  • This small tent let me spend three camping festivals last summer!
  • Great little discovery. Perfect for shade, open both ends for a breeze. The surface is easily perforated, so be careful if you use it anywhere other than sand. The height is appropriate and it is quite easy to move after assembly. It's also easy to match. The small bag inside is convenient for weighing. Don't use it if the wind is too strong!


the house style of Pomoly Chalet Tent is different from that of ordinary tents. People can feel more natural charm through Chalet Tent. The tent is beautiful and quality. It is worth buying.

The following figure shows the specific information of Pomoly Chalet Tent, which you can refer to:

Capacity 1P with wood stove
Stove Jack DIY heat resisting
Stove Jack Size 12.8x8 in (32.5x20.5 cm)
Doors 2 Doors
Tent Fabric 70D Plaid Polyester
Waterproof Rating 2500mm, Heat Taped Waterproof Seaming
Floor Shape Rectangle
Floor Area 33.9 sq ft / 3.15 sq m
Peak Height 4.1 feet / 125 cm
Total Weight 5.7 lb /2.6 kg
Ventilation Bottom Vent
Packed Size (L*W*D) 50x16x16 cm / 19.7x6.3x6.3 in
Color Deep Taupe
Season 4 Seasons

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